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Дерек Уолкотт: біографія

Дерек Уолкотт біографія, фото, розповіді - поет і драматург, уродженець Сент-Люсії

поет і драматург, уродженець Сент-Люсії



  • 1962In a Green Night: Poems 1948-60
  • 2004The Prodigal
  • 1981The Fortunate Traveller
  • 1976Sea Grapes
  • 1981Selected Poetry
  • 1973Another Life
  • 1997The Bounty
  • 1949Epitaph for the Young: Xll Cantos
  • 1987The Arkansas Testament
  • 1964Selected Poems
  • 2010The White Egrets
  • 1986Collected Poems, 1948-1984
  • 1965The Castaway and Other Poems
  • 194825 Poems
  • 2007Selected Poems(Edited, selected, and with an introduction by Edward Baugh)
  • 1951Poems
  • 1969The Gulf and Other Poems
  • 1984Midsummer
  • 1990Омерос(англ.Omeros)
  • 1983The Caribbean Poetry of Derek Walcott and the Art of Romare Bearden
  • 2000Tiepolo 's Hound
  • 1979The Star-Apple Kingdom


  • (1958)Drums and Colours: An Epic Drama
  • (1954 )The Sea at Dauphin: A Play in One Act
  • (1982)The Isle Is Full of Noises
  • (1997 )The Capeman(lyrics, in collaboration with Paul Simon)
  • (1993)Odyssey: A Stage Version
  • (1976 )O Baby!
  • (1967)Dream on Monkey Mountain
  • (1951)Harry Dernier: A Play for Radio Production
  • (1966)Malcochon: or, Six in the Rain
  • (1991)Steel
  • (1950)Henri Christophe: A Chronicle in Seven Scenes
  • (1974)The Charlatan
  • (1970)In a Fine Castle
  • (1980)The Joker of Seville and O Babylon!: Two Plays
  • (1986) Three Plays (The Last Carnival,Beef, No Chicken, andA Branch of the Blue Nile)
  • (1958)Ti-Jean and His Brothers
  • (1974)The Joker of Seville
  • (1978)Pantomime
  • (1977)Remembrance
  • (1957)Ione
  • (1953)Wine of the Country


  • 1998What the Twilight Says. Essays


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